[Xbox One Update] Dashboard Includes "Snap Mode" for Achievements

New Xbox One Update gives gamers more options for "Snap Mode"

If you are an Xbox One user, and often find yourself wishing you could view your achievements while still playing a game, I have good news for you!

Microsoft announced a new update for Xbox One earlier this week, that will make it easier to reach your gaming goals. Xbox Live's Director of Programming, Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson), posted a video on his website highlighting some of the more exciting changes. 

The video mostly focuses on how "Snap Mode" is affected. "Snap Mode" already gives Xbox One users a variety of multi-tasking options. Players will now have the same options with achievements. The update also allows players another way of accessing "Snap," simply by "double-tapping" their controller's Xbox button. From there, players can view achievements to check their status, as "Snap" shows their "udpate[d] progress in real-time." Players will also be able to organize achievements according to their priority, and launch an internet search for help on specific achievements, all while still in-game! 

There are a few other changes not mentioned in the video. According to Xbox's support website, there will also be changes for voice control and Blu-Ray. 

With quite a lot to look forward to, you are probably wondering when to expect this update.  Major Nelson's post promises the update "in the coming days;" however, some commentors on the post say they already have it.

Do you have it yet? If so, what do you think? 


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Published Jul. 10th 2014

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