RUMOR: Everyone Stop What You're Doing: L4D3 (possibly) Confirmed

Maybe it'll be called Left 4 Dead 3D

IGN has a brief article here of a picture taken by a Dota 2 player touring the Valve offices. Pull out your binoculars and read an email stating somebody, somewhere at Valve, is working on Left 4 Dead 3. Of course it could just be a patch or something for L4D2 and their finger just slipped (let's face it, 2 and 3 are pretty close to one another on a keyboard). All joking aside, it does seem to confirm Left 4 Dead is getting a threequel. I've stayed up late many a night killing zombies in both Left for Dead's and I am excited to see a new entry to the series.

There were rumblings back in June about L4D3 possibly being in development so my inclination is to believe the photo. There is no official word from Valve disproving the picture so for now, we can all hope it's legit. With little information beyond the picture, all we can do is speculate about new Infected (how about a Boomer/Spitter hybrid that launches acid at you) and grab some pills (Louis was a junkie).

There is no email referencing Half Life 3. I like to think it was one mouse scroll down.

Are you excited for L4D3? What do you want to see in the new game? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Aug. 7th 2013

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