EverQuest II Prepares for 10th Anniversay with a New Expansion: Tears of Veeshan

EverQuest II announces its new expansion with some radical new features coming soon!

Holly Longdale, senior producer on EverQuest II takes the stage during the EverQuest II keynote and delivers us some wonderful news. 

  • Heroic Characters: Step into level 85 characters with a full set of armor, a pre-created character template and a flying mount and experience high level content for free
  • New Signature line quests: Dungeons will contain multiple story arcs, no more playing the same story a thousand times!
  • Dragon Abilities: Themed AA's for archetypes from dragons starting at level 10, this will bring the AA points to 340.
  • New Itemization Plan: The plan promises focus on moving itemization towards a more complex system where players will have to make choices in their armor to facilitate their choice in combat (I.E. glass cannons versus warrior mages) *More Details Soon
  • Improvements to Dungeon Finder 

  • New Class: Channeler! The Channeler will be a Priest Archetype class with primary focus on pet roles and use of the bow. The pet is the main source of power for the class and can be customized as you level to create a unique experience. They plan to test the class during SOE Live.
  •  New Dungeons: Pick Claw Depths, High Keep, Temple of Veeshan and more! 

There will be further details discussed at later panels this weekend. Be sure to keep that browser on lock as Max and I delve into all things SOE Live.


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Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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