Tiger Knight Relaunches After One-Day Shutdown

Free-to-play game Tiger Knight: Empire War gets a shorter name and a relaunch by its original developers after a one-day shutdown.

After averaging roughly 200 players at any given moment, Oasis Games decided to shut down Tiger Knight: Empire War on January 10th, 2018, with only some speculation of a self-published relaunch by NetDragon Websoft (the original developers of Empire Knight). Hardcore fans of the free-to-play game, which merges the gameplay of Mount & Blade with an MMO, were left in the dark. Luckily for them, only one day after its initial shutdown and without any announcement, NetDragon Websoft relaunched the game on January 11th, giving fans of the game hope of a bright future for one of their favorite games.

What is changing?

First of all, the name of the game has changed to the more direct Tiger Knight. From now on, NetDragon Websoft will be self-publishing Tiger Knight, making it very unlikely to get another shutdown. And since the developers are focusing on the game again, the chance of it getting frequent updates and support is quite high.

If you haven't tried Tiger Knight yet, check out the trailer below. What are your thoughts on the sudden relaunch? Let us know in the comments.


Published Jan. 14th 2018

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