Overwatch Unveils New Hero, Both Healer and Sniper

Blizzard Reveals new Overwatch Hero, Ana. A healing sniper, she shares close ties to other Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch has fast become one of the most popular FPS games out right now. While players have loved the various heroes, maps, and objectives, some have been clamoring for new content. Blizzard has delivered announcing a new hero by the name of Ana. A sniper who can also heal using darts shot from her specialized Biotic Rifle, she can render enemies unconscious with her Sleep Darts when necessary. In close combat, Ana wields her Biotic Grenade which employs the same healing and harming qualities as her rifle, but in a small area of effect. With her ultimate, Nano Boost, she helps turn her allies into fighting machines. While active, allies have increased damage, higher damage resistance and increased movement.

Not only is Ana a new sniper, but she is also Pharah's mother. This tying in of lore helps solidify the world of Overwatch for players. Seen in her Origins trailer, Ana shows off her and Pharah's youth, surrounded by many of the other heroes seen in the game. Filled with guilt over not being able to protect those around her, she fled when others thought she was dead. Feeling the need to protect rose in her once more, and she returns to the battlefield to take out her enemies.

Available now to play Public Test Realm, how many of you will see jump at the chance to play this protective mother?

Published Jul. 12th 2016

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