Check Out PlayStation VR's Gun Controller

At E3 2016, Sony has announced a new gun controller for PlayStation VR.

Along with the Farpoint announcement for PlayStation VR, Sony also told us about their new gun controller during their E3 conference. It is being called the PS VR Aim Controller, and was created by independent developer Impulse Gear. The controller offers direct one-to-one tracking that is supposedly very precise, and enhances the game experience. How the controller is held and where it is pointed should affect the game more than a controller ever has before.

"We founded Impulse Gear with one very important mission: to create virtual reality games that would live up to the expectations of you, the gamer."

--Seth Luisi, Co-founder of Impulse Gear

You're probably thinking that this sounds and looks very similar to the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter does resemble more of a real gun than the Aim Controller, but the thumbstick, bumper buttons, and directional pad are in the same location on both controllers. However, Sony promises that this new controller will be more precise and will make for a more immersive gameplay. 

Do you think the Aim Controller will enhance gameplay for PlayStation VR games? Leave a comment!


Published Jun. 14th 2016

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