Persona 3 Film to Arrive in Japan

Persona 3 is getting a movie.

A film adaptation of Persona 3 is hitting Japanese theaters on November 23.

The movie, titled Persona 3 #1: Spring of Birth, is expected to be the first entry in an animated film series, according to its official website. Its production is being handled by the animation company Anime International Company A.S.T.A., which also produced the anime television series Persona 4: The Animation

A new movie poster bears the ominous phrase "Mement Mori –– Remember you will die," which might be a familiar theme to fans of the PS2 game or its PSP remake. Also featured on the poster are the main male protagonist and his accompanying SEES cast of Yukari, Junpei, Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Fuuka. The movie trailer, above, reveals the return of some of the franchise's more iconic Personas, including Orpheus and Thanatos.

No information yet about possible localization, but considering the recent localization of Persona 4: The Animation, there may be sufficient reason to be optimistic about the movie hitting theaters near you.

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Published Jul. 24th 2013

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