Final Fantasy Typing Game Released for Japanese Smartphones

Released in Japan for iOS and Android, Final Fantasy: World Wide Words adds a typing mechanic to the Final Fantasy formula.

A new Final Fantasy game was released earlier this week. But rather than Type-0 or Final Fantasy XV, it was Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, a typing game set in the Final Fantasy universe. First announced in Weekly Famitsu, the game was released for iOS and Android in Japan on September 16th. (Given the nature of the game, it's hard to tell when it will receive an international release, if at all.)

The basic set-up:

Final Fantasy: World Wide Words is structured around set monster encounters. Players take control of various Final Fantasy mainstays as they explore various worlds. However, the worlds appear little more than literal straight lines from monster encounter to monster encounter, with a boss fight waiting at the end.

What sets World Wide Words apart is, of course, the typing element. Rather than select attacks from a menu, players must type out their commands on screen (EG spelling out Meteor).

Yet this is not Scribblenauts or Treasure of the Rudras, where you can type out any command and expect a result. World Wide Words offers players a limited word pool for attacks, although players can expand this pool over time. World Wide Words is a free to play release with some customizable elements.


Published Sep. 18th 2014

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