When and how to get all of the 2016 Mythical Pokemon from special events

#151: Mew

Release Date: February 1st - February 24th

Where to get it: 

  • United States - Code via Gamestop
  • Canada - Code via EBGames
  • United Kingdom - Code via GAME stores
  • Australia - Code via EBGames
  • Belgium/Netherlands - Code via GameMania
  • Italy - Code via Gamestop
  • Spain - Code via GAME stores
  • Portugal - Nintendo Zone via FNAC

Available in: Pokemon X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

The first Pokemon to be released this year will be none other than the 151st Pokemon, Mew. Mew will come at level 100 with the Synchronize ability, and will only know Pound to start with. However, Mew is able to learn any TM or HM in the Pokemon universe, making it an elusive addition to any Trainer's roster. To get Mew, simply go into any GameStop retailer and ask for a code. Take that home, and open up Mystery Gift, then connect to the internet before entering the code, and voila! Mew was caught!

Published Jan. 18th 2016

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