Titanfall Xbox One, Devs Explain Direction

Titanfall is releasing on Xbox One, PC, and 360 and is focused on the development side as being fun above all else.

The first expressed desire of Titanfall is one most games nowadays do not actually address directly.  They want the game to be fun.  They want the game to feel as if it is a part of a living, breathing world that actually feels like an entirely separate character on its own.

Making an online shooter is not a unique concept in the gaming industry, but combining a mech game into such with a seamless shifting between the two is definitely not an experience we have experienced yet on a console.

Players each have their own unique titans, walkers of immense power confirmed to be linked to individual players.  Opponents can destroy a given player's titan, but cannot steal it.  The developers pointedly sought to create a mech piloting system worthy of its own game entirely, and instead combined it with the type of first-person shooter experience gamers have become familiar with over the last decade.

Hearing the developers call 'fun' their focus is a nice change.  Keep watching this title.

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Published Jun. 11th 2013

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