Incoming Metal Gear Solid V Trailer Tomorrow

New Metal Gear Solid V Trailer tomorrow!

Gamescom is in full swing this week and that means new trailers and announcements for the biggest upcoming titles.

Konami revealed on its Twitter early yesterday that they will be debuting a brand-new gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain this Wednesday, August 5th, at the Gamescom.

The trailer is set to be released at 3 PM EST or 12 PM PST and is intended to provide audiences with a better understanding of the game as whole while simultaneously showcasing many of the new gameplay mechanics.  This includes largely focusing on the all new Mother Base component of the Metal Gear Solid series which Konami promises will bring a whole new level of strategy to the stealth espionage gameplay as well as feed into the game's multiplayer mode.

Gamescom will treat their attendees to a playable demo entitled "A Hero's Way" which is set in Afghanistan and marks the first time the game will be available for the public to play.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released on September 1, 2015 on both consoles and PCs according to an announcement made by Konami yesterday. 

Published Aug. 4th 2015

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