5 Dragon Ball Characters Who Should Be DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ was recently released, and critics as well as fans agree that it's spectacular. It's already contender for best fighting game of 2018 and easily the best DBZ game to come out in years. But, knowing DBZ's large cast of characters, there's no way that developer Arc System Works was able to put everyone's favorite side character/movie villain in the final product. So, like many other devs, ASW will obviously listen to fan feedback to decide which characters to bring out in the form of DLC. 

As a fan of both the show and FighterZ, here's just a few characters that I personally would love to see ASW add in at a later date. If you have a character you want to see that's not here, leave a comment below. With that said, let's begin.

Published Jan. 26th 2018

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