New Free Halo is Now in Beta, but Only in Russia

A completely free PC version of Halo will be debuting it's beta in Russia, and Russia only.

343 Studios is bringing the beloved Halo franchise back for another round, and this time solely for the PC. A new game called Halo Online will be debuting it's beta this spring for PC gamers, while also being completely free to online players. The catch is... only gamers in Russia will be allowed into the beta.

Halo Online will be powered by a modified version of the Halo 3 engine so that every computer from high to low end will be able to run it. The game includes no single-player campaign, only an online multiplayer mode which is set on a secret UNSC space station used to train Spartan-IV warriors.

343 studios has claimed that this game has been built from the ground up for the PC and has no intentions of bringing it to the Xbox One. Also that they will be using this beta as a learning experience, and that they want to merely focus on the players in the region of Russia. This means that if you live anywhere outside of Russia, you probably won't be getting your hands on the beta soon, unless you're planning on a relocation.


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Published Mar. 25th 2015

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