Learn Japanese while playing an RPG

Play this educational RPG to learn basic Japanese.

Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle is a RPG that can teach players how to read and write basic Japanese hiragana, a basic Japanese phonetic script that represents the sound of the language. A villain brings a hiragana monster to invade Japan and the player is tasked with traveling the country to battle the monsters and save the realm. Meanwhile they will be instructed in the Japanese language, cities and culture.

The game has the typical RPG characteristics; killing monsters, earning money, upgrading equipment, quests for bonuses, and a big boss in the end.  

The difference between this and other RPG games is the combat system. The only way to defeat the hiragana monsters is select the correct pronunciation of a specific character. It is a good idea for the player to take notes before quests. The game also teaches the player how to write hiragana with touchpad or mouse.

The enemies are literally hiragana monsters and the player will need to select its correct translation to win the fight.

Learning Romaji, the pronunciation in Latin letter form of the word and its  definition.

Player learning how to write hiragana with mouse.

This educational indie RPG was released in earlier February on Steam. It has received a lot of positive feedback for its effectiveness in teaching and can be a helpful tool for those wanting to learn Japanese.

Published Apr. 7th 2016
  • Engela Snyman
    Featured Contributor
    This is so cute! I'm getting this game :D
  • StratGamer48
    Haha, I actually learned the hiragana and some basic vocabulary from it lol

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