Emotional Game That Dragon, Cancer Comes to Kickstarter

Creators of That Dragon, Cancer join Kickstarter and look for others to share stories within the game

Ryan Green and Josh Larson, creators of That Dragon, Cancer, recently launched a Kickstarter to raise money for finishing touches on the game. 

That Dragon, Cancer is a 3D point-and-click adventure game created "to tell the story of [Ryan and Amy Green's] son Joel and his 4-year fight against cancer." 

According to the creators, the point of the game "is not to solve problems, but simply to be present in each moment. [They] have intentionally kept the controls simple to remain accessible to both core-gamers, casual-gamers, and non-gamers alike."  

After joining Kickstarter earlier this month, several backers have already supported That Dragon, Cancer, which now has a total of $48,585 out of an $85,000 goal. The Kickstarter is not only a way for the creators to raise the money needed to finish the game, but also a way to include the stories of others in the game. 

"As we have shared the game with over 1500 players over the last two years, we have realized that while the details of Joel's story may be personal, the feelings, questions, and experiences his story unearths are universal. There are many places in the game where we would like to show that Joel's story is representative of many similar stories. Through Kickstarter we can add your stories to the game environments." 

                                                           - That Dragon, Cancer Kickstarter 

Once finished, That Dragon, Cancer will release for OUYA and PC. 


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Published Nov. 16th 2014
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