Plants vs. Zombies 2 Eclipses 16 Million Downloads, DLC Announced

Hang on to your petunias

Shambling cartoon zombies worldwide shuddered in fear as the follow-up to the best-selling Plants vs Zombies clocked over 16 million downloads in its first week.

At Gamescom in Germany, EA's COO Peter Moore hosted an information session about the game's performance and its global popularity... and by "information session" we mean he mainly boasted about how totally incredible Plants Vs. Zombies 2 was and how well it was performing.

According to Moore, players have logged over fifteen billion (yes, that's billion with a b) hours in PvZ 2, collected more than 11.4 billion suns, and engaged in deadly combat alongside 4 billion leafy allies. Following Moore's presentation, EA's Tony Leamer took the stage to announce that DLC was already in the pipeline, a pack of expansion content called Far Future.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2, while being nominally free to play, has taken some heat early for being very microtransaction heavy and for misrepresenting some of the in-game products (in at least one instance, the "best deal" tag actually indicates a stack of coins that's more expensive than buying two smaller stacks that yield the same amount). No sales data was forthcoming during the presentation.

That said, the game's Metacritic average is steady at a very healthy 87, and clearly in metrics like playtime and user retention it's doing extremely well.

Published Aug. 20th 2013

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