11 Best X4 Foundations Mods for Space Exploration

X4 Cheat Menu

There are a lot of limitations in X4 Foundations. This little mod here adds a short menu to your HUD, which can remove those limitations.

It offers six different features that can be activated at any point in the game:

  1. Jump: allows you to teleport to any navigation point on the map
  2. Add ship: adds free Xenon ship to your Owned property list
  3. Modify ship:
    • Invincible
    • Modify ammo
    • Delete Selected Ship
    • Crew level
    • Set cargo
    • Set faction
  4. Modify station:
    • Invincible
    • Crew level
    • Delete Selected Station
    • Add building resource
    • Set cargo
    • Add workforce and manager
    • Set station faction
  5. Modify player:
    • Add money
    • Modify faction
    • Add inventory
    • Spacesuit equipment
    • Add blueprints
    • Add research
    • Add encyclopedia
  6. Global set: reveals all stations on the map

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Published Dec. 18th 2018

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