Hyrule Warriors "Boss Pack" - Final DLC Details Emerge

Hyrule Warriors is releasing its final DLC soon, and Nintendo has just released details of what we can expect.

Nintendo has announced that the final DLC for Hyrule Warriors is coming to Japan next week, and with it comes a plethora of new details on what is to come in the final known update. Currently dubbed the "Boss Pack" for English speakers, Nintendo of Japan has recently revealed it as the "Ganon Pack" thanks to a special new game-mode that fans can really get excited about.

Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack DLC Content

The Boss Pack—or the Ganon Pack—will contain two new gameplay modes for players to experience.

  • Hyrule Warriors 1.6.0 Ganon Boss Pack UpdateBoss Challenge — Battle against huge demon beasts and aim for the high score in this additional mode. For every battle, you can leave a record for each character. As a reward, you can acquire costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.
  • Ganon Play — Control the demonic beast Ganon and aim for the high score in this additional mode. With his excessively large stature, he can destroy the battlefield and take out hordes of enemies like never before seen. You can leave a record for every battle. As a reward, you can acquire costumes for Ganondorf and Cia.

While the Boss Challenge only vaguely interests me, Ganon Play really caught my attention. You finally get the chance to play Ganon in all of his excellence, and you don't have to do any extreme game hacking to do so. The only thing we could really ask for now is the return of the Weapon Swap glitch as a mainstay feature.

Hyrule Warriors 1.6.0 Ganon Boss Pack Update

Hyrule Warriors Free Update 1.6.0

As is come to be expected by this point, accompanying the final DLC is another free content update to flesh out the base game even further before Hyrule Warriors is finally put down for good by the developers. It looks like they are really wrapping things up this time, too. Included in the free update:

  • Hyrule Warriors 1.6.0 Ganon Boss Pack UpdateMax Level Increase
  • New Potion Mixtures
  • New Medals
  • Expanded Challenge Mode
  • Score Recording Function
  • New Challenge Scenarios
  • Loading Time Bug Fixed

While I didn't realize the increased loading time was actually a bug, it is a lovely fix to receive nevertheless. The Challenge mode in Hyrule Warriors has been sitting there untouched since release with only one challenge to speak of, so new Scenarios are also something to get excited about.

To be honest, I didn't think we would be getting another Max Level increase. Following the trend from past updates, it's easy to assume that characters will cap out at level 250, but I can see them raising it up to 300 at this point.

Last of note is the new score recording function to save your scores. This is a small but nifty little feature. We will see how this plays into the game more deeply when it's released.

Hyrule Warriors 1.6.0 Ganon Boss Pack Update

Coming in March

So far there is no solid release date for Hyrule Warriors' final DLC in Europe or the Americas, but the official page has been predicting a March release date since the game's original launch. It's very possible that we will be receiving the DLC a week after Japan, which would land us square into the first week of March.

The release of the final DLC harks what might be the end of Hyrule Warriors' development cycle. It looks like Hyrule Warriors is definitely going out with a bang as the much anticipated Zelda Wii U begins to take up its place progressing into the year.

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