Splatoon a Year Later: Top 5 Changes to Freshen Gameplay Experience

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Top 5 Changes for Nintendo's Splatoon

Released almost a year ago, Nintendo’s Splatoon offers players a unique style of third person shooter. The game focuses primarily on player mobility, as players must cover ground to advance on respective maps and game modes. In ranked battle, mobility and multiple pathways are essential to completing the required objective. In regular mode, players must cover more ground with their ink than the other team to win.

I began playing Splatoon last August, and although the game is one of Nintendo’s best in recent history, there are several changes that could be implemented that would improve the overall gameplay experience.

Published May. 25th 2016
  • alexlomein
    Not being able to changing gear between matches is utterly confounding, particularly when it is a staple of the tactical shooter genre. At the same time, I imagine the explanation for it being omitted is fascinating in either its NintendoNintendoafness or sheer brilliance.

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