A new creature for Crowfall is in development

Players get to control a powerful minotaur race to lead them to certain victory.

The video game developers of ArtCraft have revealed early artwork of their newest creature for Crowfall, the Myrmidon. But that's not all, for the Myrmidon has also a new power kit that ArtCraft has revealed to us. Due to the fact that this is still in development, the Myrmidons appearance is still not final, so expect the look to be improved.

The Myrmidon is meant to be a melee character, so players can send these creatures to the bulk of the battle, and with their new abilities, they just might be unstoppable. A list of the Myrmidon's powers include, Bull Rush, Pulverize, Bloodied Swipe, Gore, Colossus Smash, Arcing Slash, Cast Net, Net Pull, and Berserk. They also have an iFrame power called Raging Bull, which gives the Myrmidon temporary invulnerability to harm, and the ability to charge into a group of enemies and knock them on the ground. Finally, the Myrmidon utilizes a new resource type called Fury, which also improves it's fighting ability, and it even regenerates quickly.

With this information on the Myrmidon given to us, players of Crowfall can expect to have a valuable soldier in their army. 


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Published Aug. 12th 2016

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