Warmachine: Tactics E3 Teaser Trailer

The E3 teaser trailer for Warmachine: Tactics was shown by Nvidia this week, what does it tell us?

Earlier this week Privateer Press, creators of the tabletop game Warmachine, gave us a few updates on their upcoming video game, Warmachine: Tactics. Led by Whitemoon Dreams, this game is starting to come to life.

It now has more than just a demo that demonstrates a few turns. It's getting close to reaching the exclusive Beta testing offered to Kickstarters. We should see the game available in August.

Everything about Tactics seems to imply that the game will remind you of the turn-based play from X-com: Enemy Unknown. In every way, that will be a good thing. The complication for Whitemoon will be adding the incredible complexity that Warcasters in the Warmachine universe will require.

Warcasters, if you aren't already in the know, are magic users that have developed the rare ability to interact with the "computer brain" or cortex of a Warjack. A Warjack is a huge robot, originally intended for moving large objects and doing heavy labor, converted into robots designed for war. This allows the Warcaster to see through their eyes and control their actions in addiction to their own. The downside? It requires the Warcaster to split their attention between all the Warjacks they take into battle. Too many Warjacks could be a Warcasters strength or weakness.

In the tabletop game, each warcaster has a unique set of spells, abilities, and a feat. In the above picture, Sorcha is likely using her feat that freezes everyone nearby into place. These abilities are only useable once per game on the tabletop, but are incredibly powerful. Expect nothing less in the video game.

Cinematic trailer shows Sturgis impaling a not magically-gifted soldier.

Warcasters can also use their focus to add to their already impressive combat ability. In X-com, you probably had a well-balanced team, when they weren't all injured. In Tactics expect most of your firepower to come from the Warcaster and Warjacks. Your troops will serve their purpose as well, but that purpose will likely be running interference. The definition of interference here is dying so you can get your heavy hitters into position.

While Warcasters are the most dangerous warriors in your arsenal, they are also the crux of your battlegroup. If you lose him, you will lose the battle for sure as their magical connection to the Warjacks will fail and their troops will lose morale.

While the trailer doesn't really release that much information about the game, you can piece together plenty more info by watching the Backer updates from Whitemoon Dreams on YouTube.


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Published Jun. 11th 2014

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