MtG: 15 Best Streets of New Capenna Cards for Commander

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Hypnotic Grifter

Lastly, here is a small utility card that could help players, who can generate an infinite amount of colorless mana to connive non-stop.

It can work in decks that run Thassa's Oracle or Laboratory Maniac as win conditions, as you can easily deck yourslef with the help of Hypnotic Grifter.

This creature also fuels Underworld Breach, and other graveyard based lists that are so popular in commander these days.

That's all for the best 15 cards in MtG's Streets of New Capenna set. In addition to this list of the best Streets of New Capenna cards for commander, be sure to check out our other MtG guides and card lists here.

Published Apr. 27th 2022

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