The Sandbox Evolution acid pits walkthrough

Having trouble getting your club-wielding cave man across the diabolical acid pits? We show you step-by-step how to reach the level's end!

Although The Sandbox Evolution has a powerful world creation tool kit, it's also a full fledged platforming game on its own. There are many levels to be played trying out all the different heroes.

As part of the game's “freemium” aspect, daily quest levels are available that offer extra mana (the in-game currency) for completion. Your very first challenge will be the deadly Acid Pits, and if you aren't prepared or haven't spent any time using the level editor already, you are unlikely to even make it beyond the very first obstacle.

Completing these cleverly designed challenges requires using different terrain elements to interact with each other, just as you would if you were playing around in Sandbox mode.

Below we explain step-by-step how to get past the Acid Pits and move on to even more diabolical levels that will truly test your platforming prowess. If you'd like to try your hand at creating interesting worlds or full-length levels for other players instead, be sure to check out:

Beating Sandbox Evolution's Acid Pits

Before even moving your pixelated hero a single inch in any direction, there's one very important point to remember in this level: always make sure the acid is fully gone before advancing. Even a single pixel of acid roaming back and forth in the bottom of a pit can damage you.

The Acid Pits area has you playing the cave man rather than the base avatar hero, so you'll have to find ways to use your club to move the terrain to your advantage.

This level starts you directly in front of a pit of acid that the cave man can't jump across, as he has no double jumping or flying ability. More than a few new players have died a couple dozen times here trying to figure out what to do.

There is jumping involved, just not across – you have to jump up! Move to the very edge of the pit, jump up, and swing your club to hit the barely-visible protruding rock sticking out from the ceiling. The rock will fall, releasing a torrent of dirt to neutralize the acid pit. Wait for it to all evaporate and then jump down and across.

Waiting for the dirt to finish falling...

Jump up the double ledges above that give access to a small lake area. Head into the water and hit the rock on the far left side of the lake to drop the water onto the next acid pit. Don't dilly dally here though – staying in the water will drop your health rapidly as you suffocate.

Go back up the exact same way you came down to the lake and then cross the now-empty pit (unfortunately you can't drop down the same hole where the water fell).

If you get stuck and can't get back out, just jump and swing your club to make a small indentation that will give enough clearance for you to reach the ledge.

Releasing water to neutralize acid

To the right you will now see an area where you can again jump up and hit protruding rock to drop sand into the big acid pit – but it won't drop enough to actually neutralize all the acid.

Ignore the big pit for now and instead jump up the double ledges to the left of the sand to reach an area with spitting flower enemies. The first one's easy to take out, but the second one requires a little timing and effort.

Jump and hit the ledge to create a small indentation, allowing you room to land when you next jump. Don't immediately go all the way up though! Jump up so the flower sees you and shoots its projectile, wait till it passes, and then go on the ledge and take him out with your club.

There's also a secret shortcut here. Jump up and hit the wall on the other side (the one on the right where the flower is shooting his projectiles). Keep jumping up so the flower continuously spits at you, and now that the wall has been damaged, the acid projectiles will cut through it and eventually make an opening.

It's nifty, but not actually super helpful, as it's quite difficult to get past the acid below until you drop some more water later on in the level, so for now we'll assume you don't go through the secret route.

A secret shorcut route if you don't kill the spitting flowers

If you don't have the patience for the flower to create the secret shortcut, go to the ledge on the left next to the acid. Jump up and swing your club (even though there's no obvious protrusion here), which will break the ceiling above and drop down material to neutralize the acid pit to the left.

Be sure that you don't turn back around while the dirt falls on you, even though it seems like you will get buried. If you go back to the right, you will become stuck with no way to get back up as all the ledges are too high to reach.

 Waiting for the deluge to end so you can cross more acid!

Go over to the left and hit the next protrusion to drop the water, which not only neutralizes the next pit, but also fills the previous pit so you can get back across later if you want to backtrack.

Although you can release the water from the open area to the right, don't hit the wall there, as it won't release enough water to both fill the pit and neutralize the acid - again leaving you stranded with nowhere to go.

Be sure to hit the right location or you will get stuck

Jump up the triple ledge at the far left side of the level to reach the top layer where two wolves are roaming. They can be dispatched easily from the slightly higher ground to their left by standing still and swinging your club as they run up to you.

Clubbing wolves to death ain't cool cave man...

For the next pit to the right, hit the ledge above before you drop down, which releases all the dirt (if you accidentally fall onto the ledge, you can still hit the protrusion if you jump and then swing at the very top of your jump).

Who filled all these pits with acid?

Time your crossing to jump up and over the neutralized acid area just after the plant spits his projectile, Jump over the flower into the water on the right side, and then use your club on the left wall to spill all the water down.

Remember that spot that didn't have enough sand to take care of the acid pit before? It's all clear now! Run down and to the right to exit the level and earn you reward!

Using the terrain to your advantage!

If this was your first crack at a daily quest, you'll also nab a mission completion award for even more free mana! Be sure to let us know if you found any other interesting secrets or different ways to complete the Acid Pits level.

Free mana is always a good thing!

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Published Jul. 6th 2016

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