8 Games We Want to Experience in Augmented Reality (AR)

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Oftentimes, games are a form of escapism, and as such, I think we have all wanted to "become part of the game" at one point or another, if only to truly see the characters and worlds that we've experienced. Sadly that is not an option yet -- or maybe it is a good thing we can't actually join the war front. Either way, that hasn't stopped the industry from coming up with ways to bring their games to our world thanks to augmented reality. 

As of now, augmented reality is becoming more popular with uses in education, computer software, and, obviously, video games. While it's currently in its infancy, it definitely has the potential to develop into a serious gaming platform. With an eye to the future, and armed with the knowledge that game publishers love to repackage old games with shiny, new bows, let's look at some existing franchises that would make for good AR games.

Published Jan. 30th 2018

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