Will Splatoon become a sequel-generating franchise?

Does Splatoon have what it takes to earn its spot among Nintendo's best?

Now, there's no doubt Splatoon is a smash hit, selling 1,000,000 copies as of August (which doesn't sound crazy until you factor in the fact that only 10,000,000 people own Wii U's). But does Splatoon have the power behind it to become the next big Nintendo IP? Maybe.

Splatoon's main draw is the multiplayer, with its plethora of weapons and maps (although through spread out release as free updates). But most multiplayer "shooters" (using that term loosely with Splatoon) suffer by being far too repetitive, only changing up maps and textures rather than primary gameplay mechanics. Now, I don't think that Splatoon could go down that territory because that isn't the Nintendo way. I believe that Nintendo would rather keep Splatoon 2 under wraps until they have an idea than turn it into another annual $60 piggy bank.

But where could you go with Splatoon? What more could you generate from this simple concept of spraying a location with ink? We don't know yet. There's no telling with Nintendo.

Long story short, do I think that Splatoon will spawn sequels? Yes, but not for a while. I don't think this will be as prevalent as something like Mario or even Zelda. I do believe that Nintendo may port Splatoon to a handheld console before they attempt a sequel.

What do you think? Has Splatoon earned its spot next to Legend of Zelda and Mario? Share your opinions in the comments.

Published Aug. 12th 2015
  • Destini Islands
    Featured Contributor
    I want to scream "YES" because I enjoy the game so much. But at the same time, Splatoon is SO unique and already has these wonderful and different game modes (Splatzone vs. Tower Control) that I have a hard time believing how they could even top it. Squids could be a gimmick or be the strange start of something people find endearing (like say...Mario). It works as a casual and competitive game, but I guess I'm waiting to see how far Nintendo is willing to go for both the scenes. Competitive-wise, with the tournament they're hosting, I see the possibility.

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