Love Art? These 7 Hand-Drawn Games Will Blow Your Mind

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Hand-drawn games are amazing -- and the game art can be fantastic, too. The art various so much between the games and the movements are so fluid that you can tell that a ton of work was put into these different games. While these games do focus a ton on the art put into their games, they do not slack in other areas. The actual mechanics and stories of some of these games are great, but do not take away form the art of the games. These games in this list are some of the best hand-drawn games that you can purchase on steam. They are all various types and genres, from fighting to point and click adventure games. This list has something for everyone.

All of these games are playable on Macs and PCs, though make sure to check the system requirements for you computer before purchasing any of these games. 

Published Aug. 31st 2017

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