4 highly anticipated games that EA could f**k up in 2016

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Electronic Arts is one of the most easily recognized game developer/publishers with hundreds of titles under its belt. With subsidiaries EA Sports popping out nearly every sports game you've ever heard of, BioWare creating sprawling 100+ hour RPGs, and DICE delivering well-known shooters such as Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront, it's hard to be a gamer and manage to avoid titles from EA.

Unfortunately for EA, like so many other companies, franchises have gone wrong. It's just something that happens in the world of gaming. One little mistake such as a small change to a character, the setting, DLC, microtransaction, or a game function can be the death of an entire game or series of games. Most of the time these errors occur with prequels, sequels, or other expansions on an existing fan-favorite series.  

We here at GameSkinny are gamers just like you. We don't WANT these things to happen, they're just a possibility. Join us in knocking on wood before heading to the next slide to see the first of four games that EA could f**k up in 2016.

Published Feb. 13th 2016
  • Mathenaut
    could = will

    We know what's going to happen with the way EA has been going in the past few years.
  • Engela Snyman
    Featured Contributor
    If I'm going to make a call;

    I think Andromeda might be saved because EA probably doesn't want a repeat from Mass Effect 3. Same goes for Battlefield 5. As for the rest, I'm not sure? But EA has been trying to get its shit together, maybe they might just have a good year.

    It's a little optimistic, but at the same time, I'm not buying one game from them this year until I've read an unbiased review.

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