Why Bottle Flip in Real Life When These Bottle Flipping Games Are Way More Fun

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Bottle Flipping has become the new worldwide phenomenon. The idea of this challenge is to flip a bottle containing liquid in the air and getting it to land standing up. Naturally, it didn't take long before video game developers decided to bring this phenomenon to video games devices too.

Since a large collection of different bottle flipping games have become available. So, are you tired of attempting to flip the bottle in real life? Now you can do it on your phone with the best five Bottle Flip games available on your mobile device.


Bottle Flip

This was one of the first bottle flipping games to reach the Android Market. The object of the game is simple. You must flip the bottle and get it to land on the platform in the background. Sounds easy right? Well, there is a catch. As you progress and gain a higher score, the platform moves and begins to shrink.

The moving and shrinking of the platform makes it ever harder to land the bottle correctly. It is a highly frustrating game but you will be surprised just how many times you tell yourself "just one more go!". 

Get Bottle Flip on Android.

Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This bottle flip game is slightly different to that of the previous title. While the idea is essentially the same, there are three different modes to play. Each one with varying ways of bottle flipping. The three modes are Jump, Flip and Climb.

Jump mode is where you flip the bottle from one surface to another attempting to land it correctly. Flip is the standard bottle flip mode where you attempt to flip a bottle onto the surface in the background. Finally, Climb mode is where you must flip from one surface to another, attempting to get as high as possible.

You can also compete against your friends with your high scores. While it is still the same bottle flipping gameplay, at least with three different modes it allows for a slight change when normal flipping becomes rage inducing.

Get Water Bottle Flip Challenge on Android.

Bottle 3D Flip

Is the basic 2D graphics of bottle flip games ruining your bottle flipping enjoyment? Then Bottle 3D Flip may be the solution to your problem. With this title, you can bottle flip to your heart content in a 3D world. There is a total of six different containers in the game each with their own weight.

You can also change the liquid that goes into the bottle if you wish to do so with various juices and more features too. It may not change the gameplay of bottle flipping to any great degree but it does look nice.

Get Bottle 3D Flip on Android and iOS.

Bottle Flip Basket 2K17

Perhaps you are looking for a game that involves bottle flipping but with a bit of a difference. Then look no further that Bottle Flip Basket 2K17. Instead of traditional bottle flipping, here you must flip the bottle into the basketball hoop. There are three different modes to play, Shooting, Countdown Extreme and Maximum Flippy Distance.

Shooting is a freeform mode where you simply just have to get the bottle into the basket. In Countdown Extreme you must get the bottle in the hoop as many times as possible before the time runs out. Finally, in Maximum Flippy Distance, you must flip the bottle into the hoop as many times as possible while each time from further away. 

Bottle Flip Basket 2K17 offers the bottle flipping concept with a difference from that traditional gameplay. If you are tired of standard bottle flipping, this one is worth giving a go.

Get Bottle Flip Basket 2K17 on Android.

Flippy Bottle Extreme!

Do you think you are the master of bottle flipping? If so, put your skills to the test with Flippy Bottle Extreme. You must flip the bottles throughout the house and outdoors. There are two game modes on offer, one that is level based while the other is an endless mode.

There is a total of fifteen different bottles to collect and with a leaderboard you can compete for the rankings with your friends. This is certainly the best of the games on this list, with an array of levels each with their own challenges. Having a selection of different coloured bottles also helps to keep things fresh.

Get Flippy Bottle Extreme! on Android and iOS.

There you have it, five great bottle flipping games that are available on your Android and iOS mobile devices. From traditional bottle flipping to basketball bottle flipping to bottle flipping to the extreme. There are titles to suit beginners to veterans alike.

What are your favourite bottle flipping games? What did you think of the list? Are there any games you feel should be included here? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Oct. 28th 2016


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