Submit your creations for the Destiny Year One Art Contest for some great prizes

Submit your design for a chance to win a Collector's Edition of Destiny: The Taken King

On Bungie Day earlier this week, Bungie released a video paying homage to the first year of Destiny. The video is compliation of the many great memories from the first year of the game. Along with the video, Bungie announced The Destiny Year One Art Contest for fans as another way to celebrate the game's many accomplishments. Bungie is always looking for ways to celebrate its community, so what better way to do it then a good old art contest?

The Mission Objective: What has been your favorite thing about the first year of Destiny?

It's time to get creative, Guardians. Participants can take a photo, create a video or sketch an image that illustrates their favorite Destiny memory. Want to transform yourself in an Awoken to showcase your supernatural makeup skills? Go for it! Want to capture your own vision of Crota's End to highlight one of the most satisfying wins as far as raids go? Now that would be a sight to see. There are so many elements of Destiny to celebrate, take your pick.

The Destiny community itself will be the judges of the contest. Bungie will host a sepate page on its webpage to showcase all entries. Keep your artwork lowkey until Bungie releases more information as far as submissions go.

Blacksmith shader

The top 50 creators will recieve the Blacksmith shader to use on their Guardian as a prize. The top 7 creators that get the most community love with recieve a Collector's Edition of Destiny: The Taken King. 

Submissions will be taken until July 23, 2015. Bungie is said to release more guidelines in the upcoming days, so stay tuned Guardians. 

Any ideas of what you would like to submit? Let me know below!

Published Jul. 10th 2015

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