Hackers top leaderboard in the 3DS version of Pokemon Shuffle

Infinite hearts, jewels, and coins? The one tool that actually exists.

Hackers will never stop doing what they're named for.

Recently, hackers actually found a way to edit their save files on the 3DS version of Pokemon Shuffle. They can level their Pokemon up to the max, have many hearts as they want, and even gain as many jewels as they desire.

Through this, the game is being exploited, and it seems cheaters don't really care if they're caught or not. It's been obvious in the most recent competition. Scores on the leadboard for the Mega Charizard Y mega-stone clearly show that there has been some hacking involved, and those hackers are taking over all the top spots. 

But of course, that's not all. Some of the Pokemon being used by the hackers are Pokemon that should not actually be out yet - or at least shouldn't be attainable in the game.

Pokemon, Mario, and most of Nintendo's franchises have somehow been attacked through hacking, and Pokemon Shuffle definitely is no exception. As for what the developers are doing...they're aren't really doing anything - which is surprising, to say the least. The aforementioned editor has been out for almost an entire month and so far, it doesn't seem like a fix has really been on the priority list for the Pokemon Shuffe team.

For now, waiting is all players can do as they watch hackers take over the leaderboards. How long do you think the developers will take to fix this issue?


Published Sep. 22nd 2015

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