Kingshunt Open Beta Prepares for Battle This June

Kingshunt is a fantasy-based 5v5 multiplayer PvP game from Vaki Games, and it launches into open beta later this June.

Kingshunt is an upcoming fantasy 5v5 multiplayer title from developer Vaki Games. Placing players in a medieval setting with the sole purpose of destroying their opponents in third-person combat, Kingshunt will be playable soon. In fact, later this month. The Kingshunt open beta on PC goes live on June 22. 

Kingshunt mixes PvP melee combat with real-time strategy and tower defense mechanics where one group of players acts as defenders and another the attackers. There are six playable heroes to choose from, as well as a number of skills and abilities and classes such as tank and support. 

Each match in Kingshunt is a struggle for control over the battlefield as you fight for zones against hordes of enemy AI, as well as enemy players. On paper, and in recent alpha test footage, it looks and sounds quite a bit like the recent Hood: Outlaws & Legends. You'll take out everything in your path using both melee attacks and magic.

According to the developers, players will also be able to unlock "game-changing utilities" in matches that can allow you to "build and destroy your way to victory." It's somewhat unclear exactly what that means, though the trailer above does include some objects that look like siege weapons.  

Those interested in playing Kingshunt sooner rather than later can sign up for the beta at the game's official website. Currently, there's no firm release window or launch date for Kingshunt; the development team is looking to release it sometime in 2021. Until then, it can be wishlisted on Steam or pre ordered through the Kingshunt website. 

There are three versions of the game available through the website. The standard edition is $19.99. The premium edition is $39.90, including $50 of in-game currency. And the guardian edition is $79.90, including $80 of in-game currency. 


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Published Jun. 8th 2021

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