Nvidia promotes Shield, criticizes Apple TV on announcement day

Are you a media streamer or a game streamer? Are Nvidia's cries good advertisements or childish cries?

Following the new Apple TV announcement, Nvidia released a bold Apple TV vs Nvidia Shield email to major presses. If that wasn't enough, Nvidia lashed out all the more. They released a blog post as well for the public, giving reasons why the Shield surpasses Apple TV.

The post is a very not-so-subtle jab at the iOS device, both promoting Nvidia Shield and bashing Apple TV in a tone that reads as though it were informal and off-record. In the end, it came off with a very bold tagline:

Welcome to the Game, Apple TV.

For those unfamiliar with Apple TV and Nvidia Shield's purposes, it's simple:

The console device connects to your television wirelessly, allowing you to stream TV, listen to music, and play video games. It's a great concept for any TV or PC gaming device to go up against big consoles.

So, why does Nvidia think they can pull a 2009 Kanye on Apple?

Its many features make it more unique, capable, and flexible.

Nvidia claims that if you're a person who doesn't rely on their "technological tendencies," and sway to certain brands, then they've set themselves apart. Some of the highlights include:

  • Voice search & commands
  • Expandable memory
  • IO Options
  • Android TV's flexibility 
  • Nvidia GRID & GameStream PC Game Streaming services
  • $199.99

The Apple TV isn't incredibly powerful toward PC game streams, but it can stream small indie games. It also allows for other features, including:

  • App Store
  • Universal Apps support
  • Siri remote with touchpad, mic, motion-enabling
  • Voice search and commands
  • Faster processor and better interface than before
  • Multitask support to flip between apps
  • 32GB for $149.99 or 64GB for $199.99

Nvidia Shield is Android and iOS device inclusive.

Nvidia understands if you're already invested in Apple's products, you'll go for the Apple TV. Apple devices support other Apple devices, so if you want to make sure that your iPhone and iPad work with the latest device, you're going for the one by Apple.

Apple is also known for the latest in innovative technology, good technology, and sometimes even supplying features you didn't even know you wanted. You can experience one iOS device by day, then another by night. Everything is cloud-connected.

Nvidia Shield has iOS covered, plus the Android community. The Shield is part of Android TV and has inclusive support - both Android and iOS devices are supported. 

According to GameSpot, the announcement email sent out claims:

"The new Apple TV reaffirms the category of next-gen smart TV consoles--which Nvidia invented with the Shield Android TV."

This is all based on matter of consumer opinion. If you're an Android user, you'll be using devices compatible with what you own. iOS users have their pick.

Did Nvidia come up with "tvOS" first? Maybe. But when new technology comes out and involves the old technology, crying out "FIRST" is about as useful there as it is in the comment section. You might be first, but others decide which one they like despite outcries.

Shield owners are free to play AAA PC titles.

Nvidia advertises their GRID and GameStream services to allow streaming of your PC games. The Apple TV 4 is limited in what it can do in terms of gaming, as already mentioned. 

So, does that mean that Nvidia won this round? It's a toss whether you wish to use your PC games on your devices or you're content with whatever is available on the Apple App Store. 

Are media streamers usually game streamers? Sometimes, but not often. Apple TV also promises some games everyone might be into, like Disney Infinity and Beat Sports.

That's not mentioning the platform-exclusive Crossy Road. There is still promise for future games, but that's all dependent on developers.

Another thing to mention is a wonder what "Free to play" really means for Nvidia. As shown above, GRID will be ending their free service, restricting free gaming to GameStream. GameStream has limited their titles and lists what is available for gamers. 

The question applies to either device: Did your game make the cut? 

There's no way to point fingers at "who won" in this situation. Do you prefer general media? Gaming? Media and gaming? Do you already have a game streaming device? Are you a loyal fan of Nvidia or Apple?

Does it even matter? Nvidia thinks they have it figured out with a handy decision tree

It's your turn to decide. Does your lifestyle find itself leaning toward one or the other? Is there really a comparison to be made here? Is Nvidia making childish cries and making itself look bad? Write about it in the comments.

Header image source: shield.nvidia.com


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Published Oct. 22nd 2021

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