Dying Light 2: How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op

Wondering how to play with your friends in multiplayer co-op in Dying Light 2? Here's everything you need to know about starting a session.

If video games have taught us anything, it's that the post-apocalypse is more fun with friends. And Dying Light 2 is no exception. However, you can't join other players' sessions at the start of the game. With that in mind, you may be wondering how to play multiplayer co-op with friends.

This Dying Light 2 guide will tell when multiplayer co-op becomes available and how to join sessions or start your own. It's worth noting there are two trophies and achievements for playing with other survivors if you're into that sort of thing: Being All Social (join a co-op session) and That's Teamwork (kill 100 enemies while playing with at least 2 other players).

How to Unlock Multiplayer Co-Op in Dying Light 2

To unlock Dying Light 2 co-op multiplayer, you must play all of the way through the prologue. This includes the story quests: Pilgrim's Path, Getting Stronger, and Markers of Plague. After completing Markers of Plague, you will reach the open world of Villedor and unlock the option for multiplayer co-op. There is no message telling you it has been unlocked. 

How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op in Dying Light 2

Once you have completed Markers of Plague, the first thing you must do is set your Game Type

  • Pause Dying Light 2.
  • Select Options.
  • Select the "Online" tab.
  • Set "Game Type" to Public, Private, or Friends Only depending on your preference. 

If your Game Type is set to Single Player, you will not be able to choose options in the Online Menu such as Quick Join of Find Games. You also will not be able to Call fo Help. 

Now that you've set your Game Type, there are three ways to initiate a multiplayer co-op session:

  • By pausing the game and selecting and choosing "Online Menu".
  • Pulling up the Player Menu and pressing the indicated button to the left of "online menu" in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Pulling up the Player Menu and Calling for Help by pressing the indicated input in the bottom left of the screen (to the right of online menu).

The first two options, of course, bring up the online menu, which is a lobby by another name. Here, you can join a Quick session, search for specific sessions based on region, quest, difficulty, and more, add players to your Favorites, see your friends who are online, further adjust your online options, or drop out of a session.

How to Invite Friends to Multiplayer Co-Op in Dying Light 2

There are several ways to invite players to join you in Villedor. 

  • Via your platform's dashboard or friends list.
  • From the Dying Light 2 Online Menu by choosing "Friends" and then choosing from the list that appears. Hover over a friends' screen name, and the proper invite input will be shown in the bottom right of the card that appears.
  • From the Dying Light 2 Online Menu by pressing the indicated input in the bottom right corner of the screen; you must not be highlighting your own character for this option to appear.

How Many Players Can Join a Single Multiplayer Co-Op Session?

Up to four players can play Dying Light 2 in a single multiplayer session. These can be your friends or, depending on how you have your multiplayer settings adjusted, random players searching for games or a combination of both. 

Each player is designated by a shield and letter icon, and each player has three revives available. 

What Does Call for Help Mean?

You can Call for Help in either the Online Menu or through the pause menu. This sends out a Distress Call to other players online and automatically invites them to your game. You can choose this option if your Game Type is set to Public, Private, and Friends Only. 

In Online Options, you can also set how frequently Dying Light 2 automatically sends out a distress beacon call for help: From time to time, regularly, or never.

The only way to stop or turn off a Distress Beacon call for help is by exiting the session entirely by going back to the game's main menu. 

Finally, you can also receive distress calls from other players while playing Dying Light 2. These will appear in the top right corner of the screen, along with the button prompt to accept them. 

How Does Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Progression Work?

According to information released by developer Techland, Dying Light 2 multiplayer features full player progression. That means experience and items you acquire in co-op play return with you to single-player. 

However, it does appear that only the host can actually complete quests. That means if you complete The Raid story quest in someone else's game, you'll still have to complete The Raid in your game. 

Does Dying Light 2 Feature Crossplay Multiplayer? 

Unfortunately, Techland confirmed prior to the launch of Dying Light 2 that the game does not feature crossplay or cross-gen play in any form. You can only invite and play with friends on the same platform. PS4 players cannot join Xbox One or PS5 players, for example. 

Techland has said they plan on adding the functionality sometime in the future. 

And with that, there's everything you need to know about how to play multiplayer co-op in Dying Light 2. Now you can team up with other survivors to stay human in the infected streets of Villedor. For more tips, head over to our Dying Light 2 guides page here.

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Published Feb. 6th 2022

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