Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves Figures Up For Pre-Order

Keanu as the "breathtaking" Johnny Silverhand will soon be available in 12" and 7" rocker forms, just in time for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

We're one step closer to making that tiny Keanu meme a reality: owning your very own Johnny Silverhand figurine is no longer just a dream. The surprise Cyberpunk 2077 character is getting two new breathtaking toys very soon.

These action figures seem like a great choice to watch in awe when you finally get to play the most anticipated game of the year! These miniature versions of the Keanu Reeves character will be available in 12-inch and 7-inch variants. The 12-inch on-brand figurine shreds on a guitar, and the 7-inch version throws the devil horns.

Both figures are now up for pre-order at Walmart alongside a  7-inch figure of the game's main male protagonist, V.

The long and agonizing wait for CD Projekt Red's new title, Cyberpunk 2077, finally ends in just a few short months. Seven years after the eye-popping original announcement trailer got the buzz-train going, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally set to drop on April 26.

Of course, it's one of our most-anticipated titles of 2020

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Published Jan. 6th 2020

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