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The latest expansion for Hearthstone - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - is really heavy on high-quality legendaries, just like it should be. If we compare it to the previous expansion - Whispers of the Old Gods - it had only 4-5 playable legendaries, but this one offers twice as much.

It also introduces tri-class cards -- a new mechanic that allows three different classes play the cards of one of the three factions, whether it’s Kabal, Grimy Goons or Jade Lotus. The latter one provides a whole set of cards that summon Jade Golem -- another mechanic that has the potential to become broken very quickly.

Anyway, here is the breakdown of the Hearthstone cards in this top 20 selection for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, so check them out carefully and consider saving a lot of dust for all those legendaries:

  • 3 common cards (slides 2-4)
  • 6 rare cards (slides 5-10)
  • 2 epic cards (slides 11-12)
  • 9 legendary cards (slides 13-21)

Best Common Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Mistress of Mixtures

This card is an equivalent of Zombie Chow -- which was one of the best 1-drops in the game after it rotated out. Mistress is just a little bit weaker with only 2 points of life instead of 3, but the healing for both players, and not just your opponent, totally makes up for it.

It will most likely be used in anti-aggro control decks, especially the ones utilizing the N’Zoth mechanics. Also, a Priest class could make some use of it by playing it along with Auchenai Soulpriest that turns all the healing effects into damage.

Kabal Talonpriest

Priest is getting some really good cards this expansion. Kabal Talonrpiest is similar to another card used by every Priest player -- Dark Cultist. However, this time the effect changed from Deathrattle to Battlecry that is much better.

You can keep your early minions healthy by using this card and then heal them back up using your hero power. Such powerful plays in the early game are exactly what Priest has needed a long time ago.

Abyssal Enforcer

The new Warlock minion combines the already existing Hellfire spell that deals 3 damage to all characters and a body of an Infernal Demon. This is just really strong to say the least.

Some players have even compared it to Baron Geddon -- a legendary that deals 2 damage to all characters, which is insane when it comes to clearing the board in one turn. As for the Arena, this card would be one of the best picks for Warlock class, as well.

Best Rare Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Jade Idol

This Druid spell has two effects: one summons a Jade Golem -- which is a pretty strong mechanic in its own right, but the second choice is just incredibly strong. Putting three copies of this card in your deck means that you will never loose in fatigue.

Jade Idol will become the bane of all control decks that rely strongly on the fatigue damage. If Druid players find a way to utilize the Golden Monkey mechanics in their decks, then all those extra spells in your deck will turn into legendaries at some point in the game -- now that would be too OP.

Small-time Buccaneer

Here is another excellent 1-drop for all weapon classes, especially Warriors and Rogues. Many pro-players have already predicted that the new Pirate Warrior deck will quickly become Tier 1, and this little minion is one of its greatest catalysts.

If you’ve ever played the Mech Mage archetype before the rotation, then you will be familiar with the Cogmaster, which had a similar effect but with mechs. It was a really strong tempo minion, and this indicates that Small-time Buccaneer will be just as powerful.

Dispatch Kodo

With the addition of all the Grimy Goons that buff up beast cards, this Kodo may be ready to deal 4-5 damage on turn four with its Battlecry. Currently, there is not a single minion in Hearthstone that is able to deal so much damage so early in the game.

Even in its initial form dealing 2 damage, without any additional conditions, is already very strong. It also could work as a finisher by buffing it to ridiculous stats, and then blast the opponent’s face with all that damage.


At first this card looks a bit like post-nerf Force of Nature, but with the inclusion of all the buff cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, it suddenly becomes way too strong. Even if you buff it once, it’s going to spawn three 3/3 minions, which is insane.

Now, think how many times you can buff this up before turn five... exactly, suddenly you have tons of damage coming on the board. Another possibility is using an Evolve spell on all three minions that cost 5 mana each, thus turning them into three random 6-drops.

Drakonid Operative

Dragon Priest is currently considered the strongest Priest archetype, and with this card in hand it will become even stronger. People have been waiting for this card as soon as it has been announced and it will finally make Priest viable on ladder.

The best thing about Drakonid Operative is that you get to see three cards from your opponent’s deck and keep a copy of one of them for yourself. This gives you insane advantage in any match-up. Just imagine facing Freeze Mage and discovering an Ice Block or a Fireball for yourself.

Felfire Potion

“Hellfire on steroids” -- that’s what this Warlock spell is… and what a good spell it is. Sometimes 3 points of damage just isn’t enough, and having a 5 damage AOE on turn six is just too good to pass by. It is very similar to Ysera Awakens spell, but you have to wait until turn ten to be able to play it.

Every Control Warlock deck must include at least one Felfire Potion against those pesky Shaman 5/5 Taunts that usually cost 0 mana. Of course, there is a danger of putting yourself too low on health, but that is the risk Renolocks and Handlocks are ready to take.

Best Epic Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Rat Pack

Remember how strong Haunted Creeper was? Well, Rat Pack has the potential to grow to insane proportions. It fits with the rest of the sticky Deathrattle minions that are currently being played in Hunter, but this one will definitely trump all of them in terms of stickiness.

You can play this on turn three and follow up with Houndmaster on turn four, making a 3-mana minion spawn four 1/1 rats. Rat Pack without a doubt will become a staple Hunter card for the rest of its Standard run.

Dragonfire Potion

When Lightbomb rotated out, Priest players never got the chance to clear a heavy board ever again. Dragonfire Potion is not as OP as Lightbomb, but it is better than nothing. It will become a number one AOE card in all Dragon priest decks, but what do you do when you face a mirror match?

Sure, in that regard Dragonfire Potion works against itself, but in all other cases it will be extremely efficient. Any priest archetype can safely include this spell in their list and be sure that turn six will clear any midrange and aggro board without hesitation.

Best Legendary Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Hobart Grapplehammer

If you like to play Pirate Warrior, then this legendary should be the first in your list for crafting. It buffs all your weapons very early in the game and makes every swing more powerful than ever before. Too bad this card isn’t a Pirate, but that probably would be over the top already.

If you draw it too late in the game, then that’s only way this card can be useless. But usually, Face Warriors either win before turn six or they lose eventually. Anyway, this is a very good legendary card, although viable for just one archetype.


Kazakus is truly the hallmark legendary of this expansion. It has its own unique Battlecry that creates a potion with the help of two combined Discover mechanics. Overall, there are more than a hundred different combinations, which make up for either a 1-mana, 5-mana, or 10-mana potion.

This card is universally appealing for all three classes (Warlock, Mage and Priest) and can be played in any type of deck, even those that include duplicate cards can be eventually drawn to allow Kazakus to activate its Battlecry.

Raza the Chained

This is another high quality legendary for Priest. It manages to hit so many cool mechanics that it’s hard to comprehend. First of all, healing for free is just insane, and then combining it with either Justicar Truehart or Prophet Velen will double an already great effect.

Another possibility is turning your hero power into an offensive tool with all the cards that turn healing into damage. Shadow Priest may experience a huge return with this card, as well. And finally, you can use Kabal Courier to Discover a Mage minion - Coldarra Drake - and keep pressing that hero power button non-stop.

White Eyes

This legendary may prompt all Midrange Shaman players to start including Ancestral Spirit spell into their decklists. Having a few 5-mana 10/10 minions in your deck is a pretty good deal -- it’s almost like playing 0-mana 5/5 Taunts.

On the other hand, a Control Shaman archetype with N’Zoth shouldn’t be ignored either. Paladin class has Tirion Fordring, as a powerful Taunt minion, and now Shaman has one of its own. So keep this in mind when you will hesitate next time about crafting this card or not.

Aya Blackpaw

Jade Golem decks will be some of the strongest in the upcoming seasons, and this cute legendary will definitely find its spot in every such deck. The fact that this minion summons Jade Golem twice on turn six means that it will be somewhere in the range of 6/6, if you play at least one Jade card prior to this every turn.

Some players say that this mechanic is too slow for current meta, but people said the same thing about C’Thun -- another scaled type of mechanics. If that one did well, then Jade Golem will do just as fine or better.


Dragon archetype is getting more and more utilities to work with. The draw mechanic may be the simplest one, but it is one of the most important ones. Wrathion may easily mill you down, so be careful when you will be drafting cards for your next dragon deck.

The best strategy would be to include 8-10 dragons in your deck with enough removals -- this will guarantee you the draws from Wrathion, just enough to keep you going.

Don Han’Cho

This is the boss of all buff cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan -- a legendary that every Grimy Goons class will try to utilize in one way or another. If this comes later than turn seven and you still have Brann Bronzebeard in your hand, then saving the combo for turn ten is like a commandment from the Hearthstone gods.

Imagine a Charge minion getting a 5/5 buff, and now to be more specific, imagine Grommash Hellscream on turn eight with a 9/14 body with Charge. Suddenly, a Buff Warrior looks like the deck to play this season.

Inkmaster Solia

Mage has a lot of expensive spells, and with the arrival of Kazakus that adds even more 10-mana spells, Inkmaster Solia will be of utmost importance. Reno Mage archetype will flourish like never before, and there will be many different versions, so keep your eyes open.

One such deck may even include Arch-Thief Rafaam for those sweet powerful spells that can be literally played for free. Another cool trick is playing it alongside with the Duplicate secret and putting two Inkmaster Solias in your hand -- great value that is!

Kun the Forgotten King

Do you know the recipe for the sickest combo? You play Kun the Forgotten King, you refresh your mana crystals, you play Aviana, and then you follow up with the rest of your hand. Another one is playing C’Thun with Youthful Brewmaster, and the list goes on.

All in all, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is one of the best expansions in the history of Hearthstone. Too bad it’s going to have the shortest run of only 15 months before it rotates out in 2018, so have a lot of fun with it while it is still available.

What other Hearthstone cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan have we missed? What is your favorite card from the entire set? Let us know in the comments section.

Published Nov. 30th 2016


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