Top 20 Hearthstone Cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

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The latest expansion for Hearthstone - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - is really heavy on high-quality legendaries, just like it should be. If we compare it to the previous expansion - Whispers of the Old Gods - it had only 4-5 playable legendaries, but this one offers twice as much.

It also introduces tri-class cards -- a new mechanic that allows three different classes play the cards of one of the three factions, whether it’s Kabal, Grimy Goons or Jade Lotus. The latter one provides a whole set of cards that summon Jade Golem -- another mechanic that has the potential to become broken very quickly.

Anyway, here is the breakdown of the Hearthstone cards in this top 20 selection for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, so check them out carefully and consider saving a lot of dust for all those legendaries:

  • 3 common cards (slides 2-4)
  • 6 rare cards (slides 5-10)
  • 2 epic cards (slides 11-12)
  • 9 legendary cards (slides 13-21)
Published Nov. 30th 2016

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