First death attributed to Pokemon Go

A teenager was shot to death in Guatelemala playing the game, but conflicting details render it a confusing story.

The Pokemon Go craze has led to no shortage of accidents, be it car crashes or falling off cliffs. While these have all led to various injuries, fatal tragedy has finally struck a Pokemon Go player -- not in the form of an accident, but of murder.

18-year old Jerson Lopez de Leon of Guatemala was shot to death while playing the game with his cousin. Details of the shooting are both immensely vague and conflicted: the U.K.'s Independent reports he and his cousin were "ambushed" by unknown assailants on a Chiquimula street; while Mirror, another U.K. news outlet, claims they trespassed on someone's property looking for Pokemon. 

Police are currently searching for the owners of an agricultural van that sped away from the scene. Independent's version of the story claims police are suspecting the attackers used the game's Lure mechanic to snare nearby players.

It should be noted a previous report regarding another Pokemon Go player's similar death was a hoax courtesy of The National Report, a known satire page.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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