Five Souls Bosses "The Ringed City" Needs to Beat

The Souls series almost at an end. To be the best, "The Ringed City" needs to have some amazing bosses. What are some of the best we've seen in the series?

The Souls series is almost at an end. Since 2009 many of us have been subjected to death, death, and more death -- before embracing victory over the games’ gruelling bosses.

The second and final DLC of Dark Souls III is almost upon us, and after that, these landmark titles will be put to rest. With that in mind, “The Ringed City” needs to deliver something remarkable to end the series on a high. Most importantly, the bosses need to be fantastically brutal battles that will bring all of our skills (and patience) to their breaking point. To remind ourselves of what’s so great about this aspect of the series, we are going to take a look at a boss in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III and Bloodborne that have us gripping the controller for dear life.

Old King Allant

Old King Allant, Demon's Souls

The often-forgotten predecessor of Dark Souls and Bloodborne harbours a final fight that requires precision timing and avoidance of an extremely deadly attack. The false king himself, a diabolical demon in disguise, will spare no expense in slicing you to pieces with his razor-sharp sword. His astute yet oddly creepy stance will keep anyone on edge, but the main reason to watch out for this one is because of an attack that has never been seen again in a Souls title.

If you’re unlucky enough, Allant will impale you and literally suck out your soul level, physically diminishing you of your strength. It’s a dastardly punishment for players but what it does is make this boss stand out as one of the first of the series to really hammer in the nature of the entire series.

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough

Dragonslayer Ornstein, Executioner Smough, Dark Souls

The gruesome twosome, the deadly duo, fatty and beanpole; whatever you want to name these characters, they will always remain as one of the most iconic and toughest bosses in Souls history. The knights of Gwyn and guardians of Gwynevere perfectly complement each other, requiring you be agile and fast against Ornstein, but extremely hardy and defensive against Smough.

If fighting against the two isn’t tricky enough, vanquishing an empowered Ornstein or Smough, due to the death of the other, is no easy task. Each of them will combine their own powers with that of their fallen comrade and become an entirely new boss all on their own, which makes for a test of endurance amongst much else. Once you enter the city of Anor Londo, be ready for lightning bolts, hammers to the face and merciless butt slams.

Fume Knight

Fume Knight, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls 2, Raime

The release of Dark Souls II saw a lot of criticism from fans, as it apparently didn’t possess the charm of the previous game. However, with the release of the DLC, players got their wish. The Fume Knight, also known as Raime, is a formidable foe. Wielding a longsword in one hand and humongous greatsword in the other, he will demand precise timing in order to even land a hit. If you unfortunately manage to be on the receiving end of any of these swords, you will seriously pay the price.

What the Fume Knight does more so than many other bosses in the series is force you learn the patterns of his attacks inside and out. Only after the quadrillionth attempt was I able to destroy him, but because of the never-ending deaths, the satisfaction gained from finally seeing him fall to his knees was something that will never be forgotten.

Ludwig the Accursed/Ludwig the Holy Blade

This monstrosity appears as a repulsive beast in his first phase, and he has the strength to match. His aggression persists throughout this part of the fight and as you struggle for a second of respite, he will scream and squeal at you as he bashes his deformed body into your face.

This intricately designed yet hideously vile form doesn’t last, though, as the second phase brings forth Ludwig’s true nature. With his Moonlight Greatsword in hand, Ludwig the Holy Blade grasps onto the tiny fragments of humanity he has left to destroy you. The glorious beams of light that radiate from the sword can sometimes feel impossible to dodge, but the game brilliantly causes the entire fight to be a dance between hunter and beast, as you whittle down the health of this tough yet undeniably enjoyable boss.

Nameless King

Nameless King, Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls III

The final game of the series didn’t shy away from memorable bosses either, far from it. The Nameless King, although optional, is a boss that every player of Dark Souls III will want to experience. Flying in on a giant storm drake, the odds immediately look bleak, but with perseverance the drake will fall and an even tougher fight will begin.

Fighting the Nameless King one-on-one is easily one of the most difficult challenges that Dark Souls III presents, but nonetheless it is hard to deny how fantastic the battle is. Rolling through his swipes, lunges and strikes looks brilliant but mastering this won’t come quickly. Due to his surprisingly large health pool, the Nameless King will require plenty of concentration before finally accepting defeat and bequeathing his soul to you.

As a fan of the series, how did you fare against each of these bosses? Are there any others that particularly stand out to you? Let’s hope “The Ringed City” will end this legendary franchise on a high and have us fighting some awe-inspiring bosses.


Published Mar. 27th 2017

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