11 Cheap and Reliable PC Cases Under $100 in 2017

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In the gamin' universe's constant console wars, there are a few people who set themselves apart by saying, "You know what? I don't want Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo telling me how much power I need. I'm going to decide for myself."

Thus begins the budding life of a PC gamer.

It's the beginning of a long process of research, investment, and building. And with much of the focus falling video cards, motherboards, and the general minutia of creating a gaming machine from scratch, the ever-important PC case is often overlooked. Sometimes, by the time you've invested in everything else, you might have precious little cash to put toward the literal shell of your device, much less a good one. 

So we at GameSkinny have put together some of our favorite PC cases for those of you on a budget. These cases all fall under $100, whether there's a sale on or not, and are highly reliable.

So, in no particular order, let's jump into the best PC cases under $100 for 2017.

Published Nov. 11th 2017

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