The best sit-stand desks for gamers on any budget

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For a while now, we've all been hearing about how sitting too much is bad for our health and there are great benefits of standing desks.

Of course, there is some debate about how valid these claims are, but most of us can agree that having the option to change your position from time to time can be a nice thing. Even sitting can make you tired after a while and being able to stand up and stretch those muscles while still getting things done can feel amazing -- even if that thing you're doing is playing video games.

So, with that in mind we've compiled a list of some of the best options in sit-stand desks for just about every price range -- including everything from the "I'm living off Ramen this week" budget to the "sure, I've got money to burn" budget.

Of course, there are a lot of options for sit-stand desks out there, but most of them are similar to those listed here and run right around the same price. The big difference is that these are rated well or have received good reviews from tech sites -- and with a few of the ones listed here, you won't find any others like them.

Published Dec. 10th 2015

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