Formula Fusion Gets Early Footage 'Trailer'

Formula Fusion, an 'anti-gravity' racer, get's pre-alpha footage released.

Formula Fusion, a WipEout-esque anti-gravity racer, has had new pre-alpha footage released, alongside the game now has a Steam Greenlight page. Formula Fusion is being developed by R8 Games.

WipEout is the probably the most famous anti-gravity racer and a very recognisable name, the series has also consistently received 7.5 or above on reviews, so it's not just loved by fans but by critics also.

This being said, when a Kickstarter for Formula Fusion is released you expect it to do well. The goal was £35,000, it's currently sitting at just shy of £50,000 with 9 days left (at time of writing), and is being created by former WipEout developers. The feedback looks very positive overall, with some criticisms that the crafts might not have enough "anti-gravity bounce."

Formula Fusion looks to be taking the WipEout mantle, by using what the series had before and expanding upon it. Formula Fusion is:

  • Improving the online play
  • Adding a track editor
  • Adding customizability of you craft
  • A post-race analysis system
  • Keeping split-screen play
  • Adding the ability to sign up to racing teams or create your own
  • Adding new weapons
  • Adding new modes
  • Using modern graphics

Check out R8 Games' YouTube channel for more videos.

Will you be last minute funding Formula Fusion or are you all anti-gravity racing gamed out?

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Published May. 14th 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Very clean-looking trailer, the motion looks so smooth.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    And that's in 30FPS... imagine this game running at 60FPS... or even double that (and a bit more) at 144FPS... smoothness for DAAYYYZZZZ!

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