Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle DLC "Coming Soon"

Mortal Shell is set to get its first bonafide DLC in The Virtuous Cycle, though Cold Symmetry is currently remaining tight-lipped outside of the reveal.

Mortal Shell, the action RPG from developer Cold Symmetry, is getting a full-fledged DLC called The Virtuous Cycle. The announcement was made during the IGN Expo and was accompanied by a short cinematic trailer showing what appears to be Solomon, the Scholar taking on Brigands in Fallgrim outside of the Eternal Narthex.  

Beyond the announcement, there's not too much information about the upcoming DLC. It's "coming soon," according to Cold Symmetry, and we know that it will launch on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. 

Hopefully, we'll hear more about The Virtuous Cycle DLC sooner rather than later, but right now, that's all we have to go on. Currently, there's no firm release window or date for the expansion. There's also no word on how much it will cost when it does release. 

Mortal Shell released in 2020, and it wears its FromSoftware inspirations on its sleeve. It received a free update in October of 2020, called the Rotten Autumn update, that added new shaders, music from band Rotting Christ, and a photo mode. 

We said of Mortal Shell in our review: "Far from being a pretender, Mortal Shell is a sometimes exceptional entry to the genre. Its stumbles are noticeable only because there is so much to enjoy." Stay tuned for more. 

[Source: IGN]

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Published Jun. 12th 2021

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