Sequel to The Inner World announced at Gamescom

Follow-up title The Last Wind Monk continues the story-driven point-and-click adventure.

A #1 iOS hit in 2013, The Inner World's Germany-based indie developer, Studio Fizbin showed off a teaser trailer for The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk at Gamescom today.

Judging from the teaser and press release, this sequel seems to offer a very similar experience to its predecessor, complete with 'ambiguous humor' and the studio's unique 2D hand-drawn characters and environments -- which compliment The Inner World's wacky and light-hearted atmosphere. The game continues the story with the same main characters established in the first title, though the devs claim 'You don't need to know the first part!' necessarily.

Other features include taking control of Peck the pigeon in addition to main characters Robert and Laura, and a spoiler-free hint system to help players who get stuck; an innovation several developers of the point-and-click puzzle genre seem to include recently.

No set date has yet been confirmed, but we can expect to see The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk on 'at least' Steam, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android systems sometime in 2017. You can see more on their site.


Published Aug. 4th 2017

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