Gameplay for DOOM revealed

some members of the gaming community got a look at the DOOM demo

Earlier this week, Game Informer revealed some of the fun they had when they visited Id Software's headquarters. They got their hands on the DOOM demo, and it sounds amazing!

In their write-up, they describe the different weapons you'll be using -- including the nice, loud shotgun, the gory chainsaw, and of course the BFG. The secondary functions of the weapons were talked about also, one of which basically turns the already deadly shotgun into a devastating grenade launcher.

Oh, and enemy encounters are described as a “demon avalanche” and a “bloodbath.”

Another well-received aspect of the game was two mechanics that are returning to the series -- colored keycards and backtracking in order to find secrets. This adds an extra element of exploration and openness to the experience.

They also revealed that the iconic BFG and chainsaw are being removed from the weapon wheel, as they're very specific to certain scenarios. The Game Informer article also says that the BFG will be used more as a “panic button”. The chainsaw will be a one-hit kill on smaller enemies (larger enemies like the Mancubus will require multiple hits), and power cells are limited.

In addition to all this, there will be permanent character upgrades that will allow you to swap weapons and mantle more quickly, and others to increase your ammo and health supply. Swappable runes/perks will also boost your abilities. We'll also see moddable weapons; enemies with weak points (armored in the front and soft in the butt, for example); and many more.

Are you excited for the new DOOM? Let me know in the comments!!


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Published Jan. 12th 2016

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