Asmodee Announces Two Indie Co Op Games in Ember Knights and Innchanted

These two upcoming indies will give fans of multiplayer co op two decidedly different but very fun-looking options.

Though publisher Asmodee may be best known for taking popular tabletop games like Catan, Arkham Horror, and Munchkin from the table to the PC and other platforms, they also work with many indie developers on original IP. The latest games in that lineup are heavily focused on multiplayer co op. 

Ember Knights is the first on the docket. While the thumbnail for the announcement trailer below may make the titular Ember Knights look cute, it's clear they're mean fighting machines, using swords, bows, magic, and anything else they can get their hands on to take down their foes. 

Described by Asmodee and developer Tiny Titans Studios as an "action multiplayer roguelite dungeon crawler" (whew), Ember Knights' procedurally-generated action plays from a semi-top-down perspective a la Enter the Gungeon and Hades.

Tiny Titans promises that players will have plenty of weapons to choose from, be able to upgrade abilities, and fight a variety of bosses in procedurally-generated 

The game supports up to four players in both local and online multiplayer. Ember Knights will enter Early Access sometime in the fall, though a firm date hasn't been pegged down just yet. It will eventually release on PC and consoles. 

Innchanted, from developer DragonBear, is also a rather cute-looking adventure, but instead of focusing on combat, it focuses on management, where players test their skills running an inn and cooking up potions for patrons. Of course, there are baddies under the control of an evil wizard to "deter," because what would running any business be without rivals? 

Innchanted is played from a semi-top-down perspective, too, but is much more reminiscent of games like Overcooked, right down to its art style and overall design. It also supports 4-player co op for local and online parties and is geared more toward kids and families.

Asmodee CEO Pierre Ortolan said that the publisher is glad to work with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear to publish two new that focus on multiplayer co op. 

We’re ecstatic to be publishing these creative and colorful titles from two extremely talented studio. As we’re expanding our roster of titles with new worlds to explore and stories to tell, it’s only fitting that these two new games are charming co-op experiences that also encourage more players to join in and enliven the experience for everyone.

As we team up with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear Studios, we look forward to gamers finding their own partners to bring along for their own in-game adventures. These two games reward sound and quick decision-making, their multiplayer co-op focus delivering fun and engaging experiences to share with your friends & family!

Stay tuned for more on Ember Knights and Innchanted as we learn more and their respective release dates near. Ember Knights can be added to Steam wishlists here, and Innchanted can be added here. Further, Ember Knights currently has a free Steam demo that provides an early look at the game. 

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Published Jun. 9th 2021

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