5 games that could become eSports in 2016

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From the developers of Borderlands, Battleborn combines the fast-paced action of a FPS with the champion-based team fighting that we expect from MOBAs. Gearbox is also bringing in RPG elements, such as skill trees and field upgrades, to make matches even more dynamic.

Right away, the game seems to have all the qualities of a successful eSport.

Players will get to choose from 25 unique characters. Each character has their own leveling system, which unlocks new skills and skins, as well as a commander leveling system that ranks up player profiles. Also, players can level a character from level 1-10 in just one round of multiplayer. Thus, players will be able to focus more on learning roles, rather than grinding out a few champions to max rank.

In addition to unique builds and champion variation, Battleborn seems easy to learn and rewarding for new players. Even new players will feel satisfaction as they kill minions that spawn around of the map, or build turrets to help defend their allies. Battleborn will be accessible for players of all skill levels, which is essential for any eSport game.

However, unlike LoLHeroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone, Battleborn isn't free. The game costs $59.99. It will be interesting to see if Battleborn can compete with cheaper multiplayer games coming out this year.

Published Mar. 27th 2016

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