Angry Birds getting its own movie

Nope. Not kidding. It's finally happening.

Angry Birds, a well-known mobile game about slinging birds at obstacles, is getting it's very own movie.

The animated film will follow Red, the red Angry Bird, Chuck, the Yellow Angry Bird, and Bomb, the black and explosive Angry Bird. According to the synopsis, all three birds have been outsiders for a long time on the island where they live. When the green pigs arrive on the island, that's when things change.

The Angry Birds movie is set to come out on May 20, 2016. The movie will star characters voiced by well-known voice actors such as Josh Gad, who is known for his contribution to Frozen as the voice of the huggable snowman, Olaf.

It's finally happening - the Angry Birds franchise has risen so high that it's finally getting a movie, but the question is this: Will it be a huge success or a huge flop?

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Published Sep. 26th 2015

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