Insurgency gets new map and mode

New World Interactive released new features and updates to Insurgency, including a new map and mode.

New World Interactive has released numerous features and updates to Insurgency that includes a new map and mode.

A community member called Tribly, who was a finalist in the Gamebanana level design contest last year, created the new map, called Dry Canal, which includes day and night versions.

Features will also include new multiplayer and cooperative scenarios, as well as, new first-person and third-person animations.

Included in the update are new features to the roaming spectator mode, currently controlled using Console Variable. The new mode is being called “Capa Mode” in honor of war photographer, Robert Capa.

This new feature will allow the player to get closer to the action while spectating. The mode allows the player to experience different visuals, like camera banking, while operating a handheld camera.

Insurgency went on sale Friday at 85 percent off its normal price on Steam. The sale ends Monday at 3 p.m. PST. Currently, the game is on sale for $2.24. 

Published May. 30th 2016

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