At EVO, King of Fighters XIV director reveals a new story trailer

The final day of EVO has its own share of surprises between player matches, such as a new story trailer for King of Fighters XIV!

A surprise showed up after the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 grand finals concluded today at the 2016 Evolution Championship Series (commonly referred to as "EVO" for short). Yasuyuki Oda, director of the upcoming King of Fighters XIV(KoFXIV), showed up on stage with a new trailer to show for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

You can watch the full introduction with Oda on srkevo1 (one of EVO's many Twitch streaming channels) starting at 5:15:30 in the VOD for Day 3. As a small word of caution: past broadcasts have a limited staying time on Twitch channels, so be sure to watch soon to catch all the details!

For a remixed version of the video, here is the story trailer from PlayStation's YouTube channel:

Note: Antonov's appearance in the Twitch VOD has been replaced with Hein in the YouTube trailer.

Prior to the release of this trailer, knowledge over KoFXIV's plot was minimal at best. Last month, the beginning sequence with Antonov from this trailer was shown as part of a Japanese interview with the King of Fighters XIV developers. We learned Antonov plays a key role in this KoF installment's story, but not much else was revealed.

Now from EVO 2016, we finally have a visual of his in-game model:

To see more of this powerful Tournament Master, check out Antonov's gameplay trailer on YouTube!

King of Fighters XIV will release on August 23rd in North America, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Interested in purchasing King of Fighters XIV? Be sure to check out the details for some free costumes and theme from pre-ordering KoFXIV digitally, here on GameSkinny!


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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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