Rock, Paper, Shotgun Misfired With RymdResa’s Voice Actor

The fate of two Eric Reed(s) lay in the balance. Which one will be the voice actor, and which one is a jazz musician?

RymdResa is a space exploration game from indie studio Morgondag. In this procedurally generated galaxy, you will experience the "solitude of space, beautiful art, and a voice acted story." According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the Philadelphia native Eric Reed, a jazz musician, will record the voice over work.

GameSkinny's very own James K is coincidentally classmates with an Eric Reed, who is in fact a musician, in Florida. Though not proficient in jazz, this Eric can at the very least make a great dying duck impression with a saxophone. Come to find out, Florida resident Eric Reed was playing a match of DOTA 2 when he was offered a job for voice acting work. Eric says:

"During the game he (Kim Gunnarsson from Morgondag) was friendly, but I really wasnt aware of his intentions until after the game. He sent me a message introducing himself and saying he works at an aspiring indie game studio, at first he wasnt set on a game, he just really loved my voice."

Eric, unaware of any games in development within the studio was happy to oblige:

"Originally I was going to be used down the road, he had something in mind, but then he decided to put me in Rymdresa."

The 19 year old Floridian, Mr. Reed is taken aback by the attention to his voice and all the joys it brings. He was even happily surprised when asked for round two of the recording sessions. He is currently working on a few things musically, and you should check out Eric's new tumblr here.

You can check out RymdResa's site here. Once it's finished, RymdResa will release on WiiU, iPad, PC, Mac, and Linux.


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Published Jan. 21st 2014

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