Seregios Tips and Tricks: A guide to hunting Seregios

You want the armor and weapons, but you are a little nervous... Let me help you out!

Seregios, or “Steve the flying pinecone dragon” as he is more affectionately known, is easily one of the cooler monsters in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Not only is the design of monster excellent, the gear crafted from his parts is powerful as well.

I think you'll see the similarities.

His High-rank and G-rank armor sets are two of the best (non-elder dragon) sets in the game and his weapons have great sharpness and high raw damage. Additionally, the Seregios weapon series has a neat ability: the weapon sharpens itself when you evade. For certain play styles, this could mean you never have to sharpen again.

Hunting Steve

However, some players find that he is a difficult monster to hunt. The major issue is that Steve is very fast and he likes to jump around a lot. He also inflicts a unique status affect: bleeding. If you get hit by one of his scale or claw attacks, he will inflict this status on you. Bleeding causes you to lose health when you evade, sprint, or attack.

There are only three ways to cure bleeding: chowing down on a Well-Done Steak, eating some Mosswine Jerky, or crouching for a bit and taking a rest. You can also avoid bleeding by evading away from the third explosion after getting hit by a scale.

The biggest tip a seasoned hunter can give for hunting Seregios is to focus on his legs and belly. For some reason, Seregios appears to be very easy to trip and focusing on his legs will give you many opportunities to trip him up and land some free hits on his head or tail. Just be sure to avoid his raking claw attack when you are underneath him; this is one of the attacks that causes bleeding!

Fortunately, Steve has many tells that you can watch for to help avoid his attacks. The photos below will help show some of his attacks.

 A powerful wide area sweeping attack. He always does this twice in a row.


 A raking claw attack that causes bleeding. He will do this with both legs, usually twice. 

A projectile scale attack that can cause bleeding. If you get hit, start evading immediately and you might be able to avoid the bleeding status. 

A projectile tail attack that can also cause bleeding.

As always, try to hunt Steve in large groups, but if you have to solo him, remember the above advice, stay underneath him and whack those legs.

Breaking Steve

When hunting Steve, there are four parts to break or sever: the head and horn, his wings, his claws, and his tail. These all give different loot, so be sure to break as many of them as you can to maximize your chance of getting rare and valuable drops.

Broken head. Gives "Seregios Breacher"

Broken wing. Gives "Scraper," "Airblade," or "Slavescale"

Broken claws. Gives "Carver"

Severed tail. Gives "Impaler," "Slavescale," or "Dissenter"

Where to Hunt Steve

There are a few quests where you can hunt Steve easily. These are listed below. Seregios can also be found on Guild Quests. Lastly, he also appears on a few Event DLC quests, including the popular “USJ: A Colorful Feast” quest.

Caravan Quests

  • 9: Dance of a Thousand Blades (High Rank)
  • 9: An Omen in the Skies (High Rank)
  • 10: Advanced: Prickly Pair (High Rank)
  • 10: 1000 Shimmering Swords (G Rank)

Guild Hall Quests

  • 9: Seer of Swords (G Rank)
  • 9: Out for the Count (G Rank)
  • 9: Rival Clash (G Rank)
  • 10: Advanced: The Scathing Shore (G Rank)

Event Quests

  • Episodic Quest: Bonus: A Bigger Boat
  • 6: Super Sonic Seregios
  • G2: USJ: A Colorful Feast

Crafting and Weapons

Seregios armor, or Regios armor series, is incredibly popular due to the skills it grants, high defense, and its aesthetic value. Online, you will notice quite a few people who are wearing this excellent armor.

Blademaster: High rank gives Constituition +2, Mind's Eye, and Negate Bleeding. G Rank gives Constitution +2, Edge Lore, and Negate Bleeding

Gunner: High rank gives Constitution +2, Recoil Down +1, and Negate Bleeding. G Rank gives Constitution +2, Recoil Down +1, Normal/Rapid Up, and Negate Bleeding.

The "Seditious" weapons have good sharpness, very high raw damage, and the neat little gimmick of self-sharpening when you evade. When honed for attack, Steve weapons can dish out some of the highest raw damage out there. Plus, if you farm for armor, you'll probably have leftovers for the weapons, so it's a win-win!

Good luck!

Hopefully, this little guide helps to get rid of some of the mystery surrounding Seregios and makes future hunts a little easier!


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Published Aug. 31st 2015
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